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  Total Achievement Program (TAP)

Community Care Services
The TAP program serves youth who have emotional disabilities and are in need of consistent, intensive, therapeutic support to maintain their current placements at home, in a foster home, and in school. It is a therapeutic milieu program that operates after school, during school vacations and summers, focusing upon building positive peer relationships and managing behaviors in a group setting. Ages served are 6-12 years old depending on the site. Individual and family counseling are offered in homes as well as in the office. Counselors work closely with the schools to support each client’s educational success and with community agencies as part of a comprehensive treatment team. We offer a therapeutic day camp during summer vacation in collaboration with our local YMCA camps for those youngsters who are ready for an additional challenge in the community.

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In 2008 psychiatric hospitalizations of our TAP children decreased by 87%.


"The members that work at TAP, I don't really see them as 'working' there. They do so much more for their 'kids.' My son looks forward to going to TAP after school and is sad when he has a day away for one reason or another. Kate, Kit and everyone else there, it's very obvious that they love each child and want the best for that child as if that child were their own. My confidence level and trust in their abilities surpasses words. I know my child is in great hands while he is there. Thanks, a very pleased parent."

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